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One of our strengths as YWAM is our decentralized approach to mission, but it also has created gaps in the flow of information. This structure gives people freedom to grow, create and expand but leaves some feeling disconnected and isolated. The avenues of communication in India need to be strengthened both within the mission and out to the wider Christian family. SpiceCom is YWAM India’s first communications team focused on strengthening the nervous system – an expression created by YWAM international leadership, after much prayer, to symbolize our communication systems.

SpiceCom is a diverse group of people passionate about connecting, equipping and educating the YWAM family in India in the area of communications.
As of August '08 SpiceCom is operating from the West and Central region India to serve you, the dedicated people working through out India.
Vision Statement:
SpiceCom is a team of dedicated communicators serving YWAM South Asia by bridging the communication gaps within the mission and between YWAM and the local church. Our goal is to Train, Motivate, Facilitate, Multiply, Equip and  Empower YWAMers to be eff ective communicators.


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