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To reach out to the unreached with the Gospel of the Kingdom by facilitating multiplying house fellowship movements. Disciple and mobilize new believers as leaders, using indigenous methods. To see the Holistic Transformation in the people group have placed before you an open door…..(Rev 3:9)
This is a ministry of Youth With a Mission working in slum with a vision of planting house Fellowships since 2002. Reaching out to this community by means of healthcare, education, Income generation, human rights, as well as counselling people with Drug addiction and alcohol problems, ministering to them with the LOVE of God.


RT@ Slum

It’s one of the many densely populated Slums in City of Pune. The area is 1.5sq km. The population is 20-25 thousand. It’s a typical metro city slum with people of multi cultural, languages and caste but one thing that is common is most of the people are migrated from small villages from all over India in search of livelihood. Another common thing is majority belong to low caste group, where the evils of Indian Caste system is evident. 
Poverty stricken families get attracted towards cities which not only offer them more job opportunity and less discrimination compared to the small villages. As soon as they land on the railway and bus stations their struggle for life starts and those who make it, end up in the smelly, overcrowded slums in the city. Very soon they get caught in the net of evil exploiters who make their living by exploiting these helpless people. Alcoholism, drugs, prostitution, child labour, crime etc. is a common sight. Almost all the families that we know are debt ridden and victim of the loan sharks, who end up eating their hard earned wages. 
The common occupation is
1) Rag picking
2) Manual scavenging labor
3) Laborers in small, unhygienic industries,
4) House maids in the nearby housing societies
5) few are skilled labors and hold permanent jobs.
Majority of men are addicted to alcohol and cheap drugs and spend everything they earn on the bad habits. Women are very strong and majority of the homes are run by them. Though the schooling is free the dropout rate is high.  Slums are the places where teenage vanishes very quickly.


  • House Groups/Fellowships: Discipleship being carried out in 12 houses in the slum throughout the week.
  • Children’s Ministry:- More than 60 kids in the age group of 6-12 are being discipled in the Friday Children’s Ministry.
  • Teenager’ Fellowship: 10-15 teenagers receiving discipleship in Tuesday House Group.
  • Women’s & Girls Word Study: at 2 places.
  • Counseling: Addiction, Marriage and Family Counseling.
  • Community Development: As and whenever the need arises and finance available
  • Income Generation Projects:  Help people start small business.
  • Mini DTS’s : For local believers
  • Partnerships: With Health care Providing orgs.
  • Outreaches to the unreached in the slum.

Get involved:

1. Donate
2. Help
3. Pray


Contact us:

Sakshi Ministry (RT SLUM)
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