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Karuna Seva- Mercy Ministry




We started Karuna Seva (“Mercy Ministry” in translation from Hindi) in 2004 . At present we serve over 60 families affected by AIDS or poverty from 11 communities in Pune.

With about 2.5 million people with AIDS, India is third in the world in terms of greatest number of people living with HIV. We fight against neglect, stigma and the injustice suffered by people with AIDS, especially women and children who are more vulnerable in India. Compering with other secular services and NGOs from AIDS field, we combine the practical help with prayer and teaching having a holistic approach of these people. We treat them as precious human being that need care and also the salvation.

 We also help very poor families from slums. 




  • Visiting homes and sharing about God's love
  • Friends Fellowship- once a month meeting
  • Prayer for the sick


 Inequality based on gender differences in India resulted in female literacy rates being lower at 65.46% than that of their male counterparts at 82.14%. Due to strong stereotyping of female and male roles, sons are thought of to be more useful and hence are educated. Females are pulled to help out on agricultural farms at home or other hard work as they are increasingly replacing the males on such activities which require no formal education. Also the poor girls are married very young so they abandon the school only after few grades.

Karuna Seva started literacy classes for women from a slum in Pune. We teach them writing, reading, some counting.


We run these classes for women from very poor background from slums. The luck of education and early marriage, make many Indian woman to be unable to get jobs and earn money for their family. When they loose their husband or something happens, their life and their children’s life is in a big danger.

Our goal is to teach these women a skill so they will be able to make a living and help their family to get out of poverty.  We train them 5 days a week for 2h. Once in a week we also have short training to teach them useful things about health, child education and other important moral  topics.


  • medical camps
  • we help people with HIV/AIDS to get registered and benefit of correct medical care and medicine
  • we give them advises about feeding and hygiene
  • we regularly visit AIDS affected families
  • we provide monthly food packs for 20 poor families affected by AIDS
  • we helped some poor children from these families with money for school supplies




Help us to develop our projects and to start new mercy ministries projects:

  • To teach children from the slums where we work computers and English – we need people with this knowledge and calling
  • To support more people with AIDS or very poor families with food donations- donate to support one of these families
  • To run regularly medical camps and events – we need teams, medical volunteers, people with this calling
  • To give nutritional supplements (fruits, milk) to children with AIDS- donate to support one child
  • To buy or build our own office to run all these projects – now we operate in rented places




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Read more about us on Karuna Seva website 



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