Youth With a Mission Pune- India


YWAM Pune Ministry Teams


Church ministries / sharing the Good News

Campus Ministry

Victory Team

Wadar Team

Kasewadi team

Sakshi Ministry- slum work, house groups, children ministry, counselling, Community Development


Mercy Ministries

Karuna Seva - Mercy Ministry- helping people with AIDS, poor children and families from slums, literacy, tailoring classes for women, prayer and sharing

Sahayak Hath- helping poor people in slums, medical clinic, literacy, tailoring 



National/ transnational offices

Regional YWAM Office


Daughter/ business organizations

Bible Transformation Ministries- media schools, seminaries, business as ministry

Resurrection Trust Gyanankur


Jyoti Kalash

Member care, leadership and coaching


Lifeline Plus Magazine

YWAM links



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